Friday, September 12, 2008

Fotos De Desnudos Accidentales

Market: pull the money

you remember what was said in To the curmudgeons hopelessly ? Maybe I ask too

but a careful reader should remember especially if they disagree with the views expressed in quell'ormai away June 13, 2008. I remember him, if only because I wrote that post.


Today is the day that I and those who thought like me you can take the merits and satisfactions of what it was saying. We're almost in mid-September, the transfer market has ended and it seems to be plenty of time to sum up the case.

On June 13, 2008 I wrote:

Aquilani, according to Prado, at the moment is non-transferable ( I think the guy just needs some more confidence in its role within the team but it will work for better). De Rossi has always maintained that the renewal is mere formality, given the agreement with the team and want to stay for life with these colors on me. Spalletti denies everything and everyone (and maybe a few years will also go away, why not, but will honor this contract and this project).

The only major players that Rome could probably give away this summer Mancini and Giuly are (who prefers to do his last football experience in France, his nation, before closing with the butt).

Today, September 12, 2008, the facts (and bluntly) is this:

Vucinic : co-ownership resolved in favor of Rome through a total consideration of EUR 12 million (value of second half of the player's card) paid into the coffers of Lecce.

De Rossi : renewal of contract with Roma until 2012.

Aquilani : the player, a couple of days ago by the withdrawal of national, said: "This history - that of renewal - agony is over for you and the press in general and for me. I have never refused any offer by the Roma. There has been much talk but my will is known, I want to stay '.
add that the young midfielder's contract expires in June 2010 and as obvious until now has not been a priority on the agenda of society red and yellow. A classic case invented and installed by the media, a sure footing to judge blindly and constantly hurt the performance management of ROMA.

Mancini : permanent transfer to Inter 13 million.

Giuly : permanent transfer to Paris Saint Germain for about 3 million.

These were the major transactions taking place in the market session just ended with the purchase of Riise, Loria , Baptista and Menez .
Spalletti Mexes, Taddei and all the other stars of past seasons have been with us, despite all that is ventilated in the newspapers and the media in general.

To incurable curmudgeons ends:

To all those who are still skeptical I can only say that time will establish, as always, who will be right. Then you look and give you an appointment at the end of this transfer market.
I will be ready to acknowledge my mistakes and I hope you will do likewise.

Let's just say that this blog, or who writes, has no magical powers or psychic in predicting the future, but follows the story, try to stick as closely as possible to reality, he chooses the most reliable sources and above all always tells the truth, of course that you can know, without any external influences.

Autoincensarsi is never good but sometimes, to paraphrase an old saying of our own, we give Talk about asr what is Talk about asr.


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